SecureGOV 2008: A Holistic Approach to Security

The curriculum for the 2008 SecureGOV Symposium was derived from research conducted with dozens of federal IT security executives, industry experts, and other research organizations. The results were quite clear; most experts believe that a solid security strategy should combine several key elements which, when brought together, create a holistic approach to security. Overall, the ultimate goal of an organization's security plan should be to effectively use technology and management to minimize risk. This is even more important given the rise of wireless applications and the increase in teleworking and remote employees.










  • Scott Bernard, Deputy Chief Information Officer, Office of Railroad Transportation, Transportation - Security & Federal Enterprise Architecture 
  • Tim Schmidt, Chief Technology Officer, Transportation - Telework and COOP: Establishing a Secure Remote Workforce 
  • John Rogers, CISSP, Deputy Director of Assessments & Validation, Air Force - Data at Rest: The Final Line of Defense
  •  Roger Thornton, Founder & Chief Technical Officer, Fortify Software - Lessons From Application Security Experts: A Roundtable Discussion 
  • Jack Danahy, Founder & Chief Technology Officer, Ounce Labs - Creating a Security-Aware Acquisitions Process 
  • Nick Lantuh, President, NetWitness - Why Data Protection Programs Fail 
  • David Moshenberg, Senior Enterprise Architect, AT&T - Mobile Productivity  
  • Bruce Gnatowski, Managing Director, Verizon Business Security Solutions - Data Protection:  Building Trust on the Web in the Age of Semantic Technology 
  • Len Mizrah, President & CEO, Authernative, Inc - Addressing User Authentication Challenges in Government 




  • Randy Lee, CSE/PE Director, Fortinet - Unified Threat Management: The Security Market Evolution




  • George Welles, Vice Chair, Advisory Group, Computer Science & Engineering Department, University of Minnesota / Dr. John Hnatio, President, Chief Science Officer, ThoughtQuest - Dangerous Toys: Emerging Dual Purpose Technology Brings New Security Threats
  • Dr. Lenny Superville, Chief Information Officer, North Carolina's Office of the State Auditor / John Hooder, Senior Security Engineer, DoD - Intelligence Centric Risk Mitigation




  • John Pavone, Practice Lead Acceleration Services, Aspect Security - Leading the Development of Secure Applications




  • AirDefense - Wireless Security: Monitoring, Policy Enforcement and Intrusion Prevention
  • AT&T - Mobile Productivity 
  • Authernative - User Authentication Solutions
  •  Breach - Keeping Web Applications Secure and Healthy
  • Cisco Systems - Solutions for Deploying Type 1 Wireless 
  • Fortify Software - Implementing a Secure Development Life Cycle 
  • Fortinet - Unified Threat Management: Reducing Deployment and Management Costs 
  • Ounce Labs - Targeted Attacks are On the Rise
  • Secure Computing - Enterprise Gateway Security
  • Verizon Federal - FIPS 201: Leveraging the Capabilities of the New Government ID Card







March 9-11, 2008

The Williamsburg, VA