Abaca Technology Corporation is an innovator in email protection and messaging security. Abaca’s next generation technology, ReceiverNet®, offers a revolutionary approach in the fight against spam — providing an unprecedented level of performance and guaranteeing a minimum of 99 percent accuracy. Abaca has created a portfolio of advanced products and services based upon this core technology, thereby assuring users unparalleled messaging protection from spam, virus and phishing attacks. The Abaca® Anti-Spam service offers a major advance in anti-spam and anti-malware. Unlike the conventional solutions, it keeps you one step ahead of attackers by sidestepping older approaches such as volume-based reputation filters and signature-based content filters. Abaca blocks 99.9% of spam -guaranteed while conventional solutions allow up to 5% of dangerous or unwanted mail to enter your network. Abaca service highlights potentially useful mail and notifies users while preventing the loss of valuable messages. For more information, visit www.abaca.com.

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Webinar: Zero Tolerance for Phishing Attacks featuring APWG Chairman

Dave Jevans shares real world phish stories and the latest APWG research highlighting the need forzero tolerance regarding unwanted email.  Phishing attacks have evolved from simple identity theftto primary transportation for advanced persistent threats, APTs.Since the Epsilon breach, phishers have access to better user information and create very believable bait.Your company is a target. You need to protect your users from themselves.  This new breed of stealthy attackeris after your cash, network and secrets.  Learn why yesterday's filtering techniques failed to protect RSA, Lockheedand Sony against targeted email threats and how to deploy a layered email defense.