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The Government Technology Research Alliance (GTRA) is a 510(c)3 non-profit organization comprised of public and private sector leaders dedicated to the development and success of the government IT community. With over 10,000 members, GTRA provides multiple forums to collaborate, strategize and create innovative solutions for the challenges facing the civilian, defense, and intelligence communities in areas including Infrastructure, Cyber Security, Cloud Computing, Enterprise Architecture, IT Reform, Sustainability, Health IT, Acquisition and Leadership. By sharing best practices and lessons-learned, knowledge at the executive-level is exchanged among peers and results in actionable government-wide strategic plans to meet OMB, White House, DoD and agency-specific objectives/mandates.



7 years ago, a small group of Chicago executives had an idea... true, government-wide collaboration! GTRA is an organization comprised of leaders dedicated to the success of strategic government technology innovation!

The Government Technology Research Alliance (GTRA) provides government leaders a forum to collaborate, strategize and create innovative solutions for today's most pressing IT needs. The research used to drive curriculum for all GTRA initiatives is grounded in the knowledge gleaned from the GTRA Council, a group of over 120 well-respected government executives who specialize in areas including Infrastructure, Cloud Computing, Cyber Security, Defense IT, Health IT, Workforce Management and Sustainability. Through semi-annual GTRA Council Meetings, workshops, live demonstrations, the monthly GOVTek Newsletter, the GTRA Knowledge Center and the GTRA Members Portal, both public and private sector executives are able to share best practices and lessons learned resulting in actionable government-wide strategic plans. GTRA identifies cutting-edge technologies and solution providers to bridge the gap between strategy and the execution of government IT initiatives.

The semi-annual GTRA Council brings together executive-level government technology leaders to collaborate, strategize and create innovative solutions for government-wide challenges. Through these council meetings, GTRA provides required continuing education (CEUs) for government executives, facilitates valuable executive-level networking and helps identify affordable and effective technology solutions through the unique government-to-industry boardroom meetings.

Through its certified security training program HackThat and other training programs, GTRA also provides federal agencies with local Washington D.C. training forums tailored to meet their educational needs through focused hands-on workshops. GTRA's curriculum development team assists government leaders with their educational objectives, desired training topics, coordinating speakers and designing a customized program around their requirements. GTRA is revolutionizing government collaboration for solutions and innovation!



  • November 2002 - ConVurging Government Begins
  • June 2003 - First Government Technology Council Meeting
  • September 2003 - SecureGOV Council Launches
  • January 2004 - HrGOV & LeadershipGOV Councils Launch
  • March 2004 - First HrGOV & LeadershipGOV Council Meeting
  • June 2004 - MobileGOV & NetworkGOV Councils Launch
  • July 2004 - First Edition of GOVTek Newsletter Distributed
  • October 2004 - Downtown Chicago Office Opens
  • February 2005 - ArchitectureGOV Council Launches
  • May 2005 - First ArchitectureGOV Council Meeting
  • December 2006 - Washington D.C. Office Opens
  • November 2007 - Salt Lake City, UT Office Opens
  • January 2008 - GTRA Nonprofit Established
  • February 2009 - John Hancock, Chicago Office Opens
  • January 2010 – HackThat Certified Security Training Program Launched
  • June 2011 – GTRA Council adds its 120th member and exceeds 10,000 subscribers


Kelly Yocum
Co-Founder & Executive Director

Parham Eftekhari
Co-Founder & Director of Research

Deborah Kay
Director of Client Relations

Jessica Pohlonski
Program Director

Keri Cote
Event Manager

Paul Zmuda
Web Manager


1701 Pennsylvania Avenue, NW
Suite 300
Washington, DC 20006


1165 North Clark, Suite 402
Chicago, IL 60610