The NIST Cloud Reference Architecture and Security Considerations

Peter Mell, Senior Computer Scientist, NIST

To implement a cloud computing system securely, one must address a multitude of security concerns. Some of these concerns are common with other types of IT systems while others are intrisically cloud related. Explore with me the cloud unique issues in the context of the new NIST cloud computing reference model and the recently finalized NIST cloud computing definition. Explore whether or not cloud is truly unique with respect to security issues. Compare the discovered concerns against existing cloud and non-cloud government, international, and industry standard security controls.

Learning Objectives:

  • Review the recently published final version of the NIST cloud definition 
  • Understand the new NIST cloud reference architecture and how it relates to security 
  • Explore security concerns intrinsic to cloud computing 
  • Discuss the availability and applicability of government, international, and industry security controls
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