Federal CXOs Discuss Steven VanRoekel’s Future First Cyber Security Strategies

GTRA.org – December 6, 2011, Washington, D.C. –. Leading government cyber security executives converged at the GTRA Council Meeting to share best practices and lessons learned, creating strategies vital to the Federal CIO Steven VanRoekel “Future First” Cyber Security Strategies. Led by the opening keynote, Roberta Stempfley, Acting Assistant Secretary, Office of Cybersecurity and Communications, National Cyber Security Division, DHS, she discussed DHS’s future vision for improved cyber security and emphasized the importance of industry and government collaboration. “Cybersecurity requires everyone’s attention,” said Roberta Stempfley. “For our nation to be successful in its cyber security initiatives there has to be a partnership between DHS, Agencies and Industry.”

“Consolidating data centers, shutting down legacy systems, and moving to the cloud all offer opportunities to enhance our cyber security posture.” Said VanRoekel, “Going forward, we must build on top of a sound foundation of cyber security to ensure Americans and our government is safe.”

Andrew Schoenbach, Chief, Budget Systems Branch, OMB and Peter Mell, Senior Computer Scientist, Computer Security Division, NIST, led the executives in discussing using secure cloud services to improve Government and the NIST Cloud Reference Architecture and Security Considerations.

Carmen Iannacone, CTO, Smithsonian Institution and Richard Boe, Manager, Infrastructure Services Delivery Group, Air Traffic Organization, FAA, presented “Consolidate without Compromising Security”, sharing strategies and experiences to help agencies ensure their consolidation efforts are executed with data and network security intact.

“In a nod to Vivek Kundra’s “Cloud First” initiative, the new federal CIO Steven VanRoekel’s “Future First” program is an important vision that has the potential to truly transform the Federal IT community and it is exciting to be a part of this meeting where federal IT leaders are actively engaging in dialogue that supports it.” Said Parham Eftekhari, Co-Founder and Director of Research.

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