RSA NetWitness Wins Best Live Demo Award at GTRA SecureGOV Council Meeting – December 19 2011, Washington, D.C. – GTRA announced the technology award winners for the Government Technology Research Alliance (GTRA) December 2011 SecureGOV Technology Council Meeting where Senior executives at the Government Technology Research Alliance's semi-annual council meeting voted among their peers for cutting edge demonstrations, presentations and best security technology solutions.

RSA NetWitness won the "Best Live Demo" award for their collaboration with government in their boardroom "Getting Ahead of Advanced Threats through Continuous Security Monitoring" discussing real-time network forensics techniques used to monitor network and application layer traffic, detect designer malware and zero-day attacks, and improve overall tactical network intelligence and situational awareness.

"We are excited the government technology community recognized the innovative ideas that RSA NetWitness displayed at the GTRA SecureGOV Council Meeting that contributed to their vote as 'Best Live Demo'!" said Kelly Yocum, CEO and Co-Founder of GTRA.

"RSA NetWitness is a revolutionary network security monitoring platform that provides enterprises a precise and actionable understanding of everything happening on the network. RSA NetWitness solutions are deployed in government customer environments to solve a wide range of challenging information security problems including: insider threats, zero-day exploits and targeted malware, advanced persistent threats, fraud, espionage, data leakage, and continuous monitoring of security control" said Patty Hullinger, RSA NetWitness. "We are honored to have been selected "Best Live Demo Award" at the December 2011 GTRA Council Meeting, and look forward to presenting NetWitness as a core element of RSA's Advanced Security Management Solutions at GTRA 2012."

The other GTRA SecureGOV award winners include Intel for "Best Cloud Security Solution" where their collaboration with government in their boardroom "Federal Cloud Security Initiatives - Choosing the Right Standards and Technologies" integrated Trust Frameworks which allow the cross agency collaboration while creating layers for more secure cloud access.

Invincea won the "Best Network Security Solution" award for their collaboration with government in their boardroom "Fight Back Against Spear-Phishing Within Your Organization" discussing solutions for malware and phishing in the ever-changing cyber environment.

ExteNet Systems, Inc won the "Best Secure Mobility Solution" award for their collaboration with government in their boardroom "Making Mobility Fly" discussing their unique solutions for enhancing the security of mobility using secure platforms.

MaaS360 by Fiberlink was voted as "Best Security Solution" award for their collaboration with government in their boardroom "Continuous Monitoring of Laptops and Smart Devices" at the GTRA SecureGOV Council meeting for their solutions to continuous monitoring and how to become FISMA 2.0 compliant.

Centrify won the "Best ID Management Solution" award for their collaboration with government in their boardroom "Securing Cross-platform Systems and Applications Leveraging Active Directory" highlighting the importance of cost reduction, increasing security, and implementing cross-platform data centers by leveraging Active Directory.

Q1 Labs won the "Best Info Security Solution" award for their collaboration with government in their boardroom "Security Intelligence for Government Agencies".

All of the GTRA SecureGOV Council Meeting Award recipients receive an automatic nomination entry for the GOVTek Government Executive Awards which will be voted on by a panel of judges and the government IT community. The GOVTek Award nominees will be celebrated and Award winners announced at the GOVTek Gala, hosted by GTRA taking place February 2nd, 2012, 6-10pm at the Newseum in Washington, DC.

About GTRA: GTRA brings together executive-level government technology Security, Enterprise Architecture, Green IT and Health IT leaders to collaborate, strategize and create innovative solutions. The semi-annual GTRA SecureGOV Council Meeting addresses the security topics identified through research with the government GTRA Council members and industry experts. By sharing best practices and lessons learned, knowledge is exchanged in a peer-to-peer forum, resulting in actionable government-wide strategic plans and cutting-edge solutions. Through a unique collaborative methodology, GTRA is revolutionizing the way government does business.

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