As a 501c3, GTRA strictly follows federal ethical guidelines in executing its Council Meetings to ensure compliance with federal requirements and maintain the integrity of our meeting and its participants, including:

  • Pre-Approved GSA Per-Diem Rates for Meals/Lodging:  
    $205.00 / night lodging
    $76.25 / day for breakfast/lunch/dinner/breaks
  • No Excessive Spending on networking functions
  • Low Tuition Costs
  • Using a non-Washington D.C. location, which costs 2-3x less than hosting the meeting in Metro D.C. Area
  • No Vendor sales/marketing pitches allowed
  • Limits on number of non-Government participants
    70% Government
    30% Industry/Academia/Partners


Why are Council Meetings outside of D.C.?

By holding our GTRA Council Meetings outside of D.C., GTRA is able to negotiate significantly lower costs on meeting space, meals, A/V costs, materials and per-diems.  With meeting space in D.C. and the surrounding areas costing a premium, GTRA found that holding events in rural areas within driving distance of D.C. allow us to significantly reduce costs which allow us to meet ethical guidelines for per-diems and non-excessive spending.



How We Keep Costs Low and Provide True Value

  • Hosting events in D.C. are typically 3x as expensive than in rural-parts of neighboring states due to the high costs of meeting space, meals and A/V needs
  • Tuition kept extremely low:  average price paid is $399 all-inclusive
  • Meals/Lodging are at the GSA per-diem rates
  • Food/Beverage consumption limits are set with the venue to prevent excessive consumption
  • Attendees earn 18-hour’s worth of continuing education by attending, where doing the same amount of training in D.C.-based training session can cost thousands of dollars
  • GTRA offers scholarships for executives to attend and receive training at little/no cost to the agency
  • The location was selected by GTRA because it is used by many other government agencies to host meetings and honors GTRA’s strict requirements on per-diem rates for meals/lodging


What Makes GTRA Council Meetings Different

To Maximize the productivity of time out of the office, the GTRA Agenda has virtually no downtime:
  • 7am start-time – 6pm end-time
  • Working Breakfast/Lunch/Dinners
  • No Tradeshow-Floor / Expo-Hall time
  • No “down-time” during the day
  • 90% of the curriculum is delivered by FEDERAL GS15/SES employees
  • NO sales/vendor pitches allowed
  • 18-hours of approved continuing education earned by attending the meeting
  • Limited Contractor attendance creates an environment for GOV-to-GOV collaboration and information exchange