June 2009 GTRA Symposium

The GTRA Council Meetings are an invitation-only executive-level meeting for government and IT leaders who come together to collaborate, network, share best practices and lessons learned across the areas paramount to executing successful IT strategies for: Security, Enterprise Architecture, Cloud Computing, Virtualization, Records Management, Leadership, Green IT, Mobile/Wireless and Defense. Over the course of three-days, cutting edge curriculum is delivered by government and industry leaders through a dynamic blend of presentations, panels, live-demonstrations, roundtable discussions, and boardroom meetings designed to be highly interactive and facilitate information exchange at the executive level. Complimenting the curriculum, a heavy focus on networking functions is designed to foster and solidify peer relationships through collaborative banquets, networking events, cocktail receptions, a golf tournament and entertainment.

This unique forum engages multi-discipline collaboration while balancing the need for in-depth learning on critical subject areas including:

  • Transparency / Open Government 
  • Cyber Security 
  • Recovery Act 
  • Social Networking / Web 2.0 
  • Cloud Computing/SaaS 
  • Identity and Access Management 
  • IT Governance 
  • Information Sharing 
  • Privacy 
  • Enterprise Architecture/SOA Compliance 
  • Leadership 
  • Knowledge Management 
  • Mobile/ Wireless
  • Security 
  • Records Management 
  • Interoperability 
  • Green Architectures 
  • Virtualization 
  • Change Management 
  • Contracting 
  • Telework 
  • COOP




  • Dr. Robert “Rocky” Young, Associate Professor of Systems Management, NDU - Terrorists, Criminals, Hackers & You - In Virtual Worlds like Social Networking, Who Needs Privacy? Come-on Share. Everyone’s Doing It!
  • Vance Hitch, Chief Information Officer, Co-Chair Information Security and Identity Management Committee, Federal CIO-Council, Justice - The Cyber Security Challenge
  • Colleen Coggins, Chief Knowledge Officer, Interior / George Thomas, Chief Architect, GSA - Transparency and Open Government:  Technologies, Methodologies and Applications that are Revolutionizing How We Create and Share Knowledge
  • Robert Lentz, Chief Information Assurance Officer, Office of the Assistant Secretary of Defense Networks and Information Integration / Chief Information Officer, Defense - Information Assurance and Risk Management Practices for Agency-Wide Success: A DoD Case Study








  • Michael Schievelbein, Program Manager and Solutions Architect, Solutions Coordination Office, National Business Center, Interior - Aligning Project Management with Enterprise Architecture
  • Dr. W. Stan Boddie, PMP, CISSP, Professor of Systems Management, Information Resource Management College, NDU - Improving Personal and Organizational Performance Through Transformational Leadership
  • Diane Woodson-Reeves, Business Architect, Interior - Best Practices for Improving Operational Efficiency
  • Patrick Howard, Chief Information Security Officer, NRC - Managing Security Risks in SaaS and Contracted Environments
  • Ylanda Ford, Director, Enterprise Architecture, HUD - Identity Management & Authentication Challenges for External Business Users
  • Walt Okon, Senior Enterprise Architect, Enterprise Architecture & Standards, Defense - A Government-Wide Standard for EA Training
  • Michael McFarren, Senior Principal, Information Systems Engineer, MITRE - Service Oriented Enterprise (SOE): A Discussion of SOE and its Impacts on a Government Agency
  • Col. Douglas Wreath, Director, Net Centric Operations Division, US Air Force - Interagency Information Exchange
  • Karen Larkowski, General Manager, Green Computing impact Organization - The Sustainable Organization: Green Beyond the Data Center
  • Harsh Sharma, Sustainability SIG Chair, OMG - Model Driven Approach to Green and Sustainability Standards
  • Bob Daniel, Chief Technology Officer, Government Solutions, Troux Technologies - Segment Architecture and You: A Health Check
  • Felix Rausch, Co-Founder and Executive Director, FEAC Institute - Architecture = An Enterprise Paradigm Shift to Sinergistically Manage Complexity in the 21st Century?




  • Dr. Len Mizrah, President & CEO, Authernative, Inc. - Next Generation Multi-Factor User Authentication
  • Greg Dupier, Senior Associate, Booz Allen Hamilton - Creating the Federal Cloud
  • Skip Taylor, VP Product Marketing, Fiberlink - Using Cloud-Computing Technologies to Solve Mobile Device Management and Security 
  • John Jefferies, Vice President, Marketing, IronKey - The Insider Threat and Mobile Devices: Trends in Insider Compliance with Data Security Policies




  • Authernative - Addressing Authentication & Identity Management in Government Initiatives
  • Booz Allen Hamilton - A Cloud Computing War game
  • Cisco Systems - Cloud Computing and Security
  • Citizant - Focusing IT Resources on Agility, Transparency, Value, and Performance
  • Core Security - Know Thyself and Know Thy Enemy
  • eGlobalTech - A Service Oriented Approach to Deloying Cloud Computing Solutions
  • Fiberlink - How to Get Visibility and Control Over a More Mobile Workforce
  • GSA - Integrated Solutions for IT Service Requirements Utilizing the GSA GWACs
  • Guidance Software - Proactive Cyber Security and eDiscovery
  • Intel / Lenovo - Creating a Secure Mobile Workforce
  • HP / Secure64 - Secure Infrastructure Solutions for Government
  • IronKey - Eliminating the Risks Posed by Flash Drives without Eliminating the Drives Themselves
  • iTKO-LISA - Test, Validate and Virtualize Shared Environments for Quality and Agility
  • Neohapsis - Enterprise Governance, Risk, and Compliance Solutions
  • NetWitness - How to Stop Advanced Persistent Threats from Evading Detection
  • PhishMe - Preventing Phishing Attacks at the Source
  • SecureWorks - Intelligence-Driven Security and Compliance: Using Applied Threat Research, Log Correlation and Best Practices to Protect Government Assets
  • Troux Technologies - Strategic IT Planning – The Next Chapter for Enterprise Architecture