Presentations & Powerpoints

Developing a Secure Mobile-First Culture – the EPA’s Story
Malcolm Jackson, CIO, EPA

Heading, Altitude & Airspeed: Bringing it All Together!
Dennis Wisnosky, CTO and Chief Architect, DCMO, DoD

Using Architecture and Infrastructure to Improve Efficiency at DoD OCIO without Compromising Security
Brian Wilczynski, Director, Architecture & Infrastructure, Office of the DoD CIO, DoD
Mark Krzysko, Deputy Director, Enterprise Information, DoD

Developing a Secure Mobile Strategy: Networks, Apps, BYOD and more
Elisa Cruz, Security Executive, "FMR CISO, FEMA", DHS
David Lingenfelter
, Security Officer, MaaS360 by Fiberlink
Dr. Robert "Rocky" Young
, Director, Outreach and Communication for Cyber Security, DoD
Wyatt Kash, Editorial Director, AOL Government (Moderator)

Modernizing NNSA with Cloud, Mobility, and Unified Communications
Travis Howerton, CTO, National Nuclear Security Administration

An Overview of Big Data Technology and Security Implications
Peter Mell, Senior Computer Scientist, NIST

The Growing Need for Internet2 and Private Backbones
Dan Murphy, Special Advisor to the CTO, Shared Services Canada
Christian Todorov
, Director, Services Management, Internet2
Richard Campbell
, Security Architecture Chief, FDIC

The Enterprise Information Web: Analytics, Efficiency and Security
Deedee Akeo, Senior Enterprise Architect, Office of DCMO, DoD
Jonathan Underly
, PM, Enterprise Information Web, DoD

Engaging Non-Cybersecurity Professionals in Creating a Culture of Security
Robin "Montana" Williams, Director, National Cybersecurity Education & Workforce Development Office, DHS

Anatomy of an Web Application Attack: How to Prevent the Resume Generating Event
Terry Ray, VP, Global Field Engineering, Imperva

Rethinking Mobile Infrastructure to Support Security, Productivity, and Efficiency
Ross Manire, President & CEO, ExteNet Systems

Presentations Without Slides

Using Innovation to Modernize Federal IT
David McClure, Associate Administrator, Citizen Services & Innovative Technologies, GSA
Jirka Danek
, Director General & CTO, Shared Services, Canada
Kirit Amin

The State of Federal Cyber Security - How Legislation, Collaboration and Leadership Changes will Impact Industry and Government
Robert Brese, CIO, Energy

Building a Collaborative Synergy Between the DoE Mission & Technology
Peter Tseronis, CTO, Energy

IT Transformation as a Catalyst to Support your Mission
Adrian Gardner, CIO, Goddard Space Flight Center, NASA
Dan Gahafer
, Program Director, DISA
Carrie Boyle
, Director of Standards and Architecture, PM-ISE, DNI
Dr. Mark Stuart Day, Chief Scientist, Riverbed Technology (Moderator)

How to Trust your Cloud Vendor: Security Validation Strategies
Colleen Coggins, CIO, National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, Transportation
Fred Whiteside, Senior Enterprise Architect, Chair, Cloud Computing Security Working Group, NIST 
Jerry Hanley, Chief Privacy Officer, Energy

Implementing Successful ICAM & Secure Information Sharing Strategies in Cloud/Shared Environments
Phil Wenger, Deputy Policy Lead, Budget Line of Business, OMB
Walt Okon
, Senior Architecture Engineer, Enterprise Architecture & Standards Directorate, OSD, DoD
Greg Capella, Deputy Executive Director, Enterprise Systems Development, OCIO, DHS
 Kimberly Little, Director of Market Planning, ID Management, LexisNexis

Are We Ready to Move Mission Critical Applications to the Cloud?
AJ Germek, CIO, Special Inspector General for TARP, Treasury
Veda Sims
, Deputy CIO & CISO, Recovery Accountability & Transparency Board
Shawn Kingsberry, Assistant Director for Information Technology, Recovery Accountability & Transparency Board
William Peratino, Deputy Director, New and Emerging Technologies, OPM
Rob Roy, Federal CTO, HP Enterprise Security (Moderator)

Leveraging Existing Strategies to Eliminate Waste and Improve Efficiency
Brack Boehler, Director, IT Compliance, Transportation

Efficiency through better Project Management
Michael Schievelbein, Information Technology Chief, FBMS Implementation Management Office, Interior

Showing Value through Portfolio Management and Architecture
Harry Tabak, Chief Enterprise Architect, National Weather Service

Team Apple or Team Android?
Noah Nason, CTO, ATF

Selling the Value of Process Management to the Workforce
Cheryl Cross-Davison, Deputy, DIA Representative to NSA, DoD

Industry Perspectives: How to Drive Efficiency and Improve Security
Michael Singer, Executive Director, Techology & Security, AT&T 
David McNeely, Director, Product Management, Centrify
Kris Martel, Senior Cyber Security Architect, Intelligent Decisions
Chris Poulin
, Security Systems Strategist, Q1 Labs, an IBM Company