GTRA May 2011 Presentations & Discussions

Presentations & Powerpoints

Realizing Efficiency & Interoperability: SOA & Semantic Technology in the Business Mission Area (BMA), U.S. DoD - Dennis Wisnosky, DoD

Breaking the Cycle- the Transformation of DOE’s IT Strategy - Robert Brese, DOE

Reference Architecture for IT Infrastructure - Brian Wilcynski, DoD

Workforce 2.0- Integrating Social Media, Mobility and Telework to Securely Modernize the Workplace - Jirka Danek, Public Works and Government Services of Canada

Customer Driven EA for Cyber Security- What EAs and Security Professionals Need to Know - Paul Tibbits, VA

Bringing Value to the Organization through Enterprise Architecture - Brett Brunk, GSA & Doreen Cox, Customs and Border Protection

Using Business Intelligence Tools for Reporting and Trend Analysis - Colleen Coggins, Transportation

National Initiative for Cybersecurity Education (NICE) - William Newhouse, NIST

Secure Information Sharing: Strategies, Policy, Governance & Implementation for DoD & Federal Departments - Walt Okon, Senior Enterprise Architect, DoD Enterprise Architecture & Standards Directorate, DoD

The Evolution of Information Sharing: Using Technology, Policy, and Standardization to turn Data into Business Assets - Mary Forbes, HHS & Patricia Craighill, USAF & Wolf Tombe, Customs and Border Protection & David Lewis, Justice & Dermot O'Mahony, LexisNexis

Continuous Monitoring and Cloud Computing - Peter Mell, NIST & Ed Frola, Centrify

Panel on the Positive Impact of Digital Forensics on Organizational IT Security - Noah Nason, ATF & Lance Garver, ATF & Lam Nyguyen, Justice & Dara Sewell, FBA & Ken Mendelson, Stronz Friedberg

Additional Presentations (no slides provided by speaker)

Why Stop at the Cloud?: One Company's Move to Low Earth Orbit - Charles Beard, SAIC

Building Trust from Client to Cloud - Girish Juneja, Intel

Realizing Efficiency & Interoperability in the BMA, U.S. DoD: Operational Level Initiatives Supporting the SOA & Semantic Technology Strategy - Deedee Akeo, DoD & Eric Riutort, DoD & Jonathan Underly, DoD

Tools & Strategies to Help You Support the 25-Point IT Management Reform Initiative with Limited Resources - Benjamin Bergersen, Commerce & Brack Boehler, DOT & Patrick Donovan, GSA & Dr. Jim Rolfes, Interior & John Sullivan, GSA & Phil Wenger, OMB

Privacy Implications of an Increasingly Digital World: Cloud, Social Media, Mobility & more… - Jerry Hanley, DOE & Ned Goldberg, FDIC & Jonathan Cantor, Commerce & Marc Groman, FTC

Tools & Strategies to help you support the 25-Point IT Management Reform Initiative with Limited Resources - James Smith, State & Kirit Amin, State & Gene Keeling, Cisco

Successful Transformation of Infrastructure and Security Strategies: Navigating 25-Point Reform in a Climate of Shrinking Budgets - Paul Barter, ExteNet Systems & Steve Antone, Lumension & Roy Stephen, Intelligent Decisions & Joe Houle, AT&T

Identity Credentialing and Access Management - Kenneth LaClair, USAF 

PM-ISE Information Sharing Case Study - Bob Dilonardo, DHS & Thom Tullia, DHS

Shared Services in Government – Can it be Done? - Philip Wenger, OMB

Sharpening Agency Focus on Enterprise Risk Management - Pat Howard, CISO

How Can I Consolidate my IT Infrastructure? - Yogen Patel, Zyrion

Using EA to Support 25-Point Reform - Matt Gallagher, Troux

Software & Application Security- Methodologies for Acquisition, Development, Testing, and Implementation - Joe Jarzombek, DHS

US-CERT Operational Model, Future Goals and Network & Information Security - Richard Harris, US-CERT

Implementing Security Standards, Assessing your Architecture's Risk, and Closing the Gap- How to Get it Done - John Gardner, VA & Sean Paul McGurk, DHS